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The Power of Reflection


"I do what I do, because I feel strongly that,

when it comes to your mental health and wellbeing,

your ability to thrive and to live your life to the fullest,

you should have access to the help that we

all need sometimes, when you need it." - Victoria



Dedicated time and space for you to unravel your thoughts, explore your feelings, grieve losses and understand yourself more deeply, build resilience to life's challenges, improve your relationships and create a happier, more authentic life worth living.

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Couples Counselling

Improve communication, rebuild trust and understanding, improve collaboration and resolve conflicts. Because no amount of money, rewarding work, academic, career

or business achievement, or other sources of pleasure, can make up

for an unhappy relationship. 

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Online Counselling Services

Researcher shows that online treatments are just as effective as face to face Counselling, and there are some advantages:

Available worldwide and accessible wherever you are: at home, on the go, at work or abroad.

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Email Counselling

No time to attend therapy sessions? Choose Email Counselling and

you decide where and when you write and how frequently.  

And take all the time you need to consider your situation and put

your feelings and thoughts into words.  And, if you like, you can choose to be anonymous

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"I had 6 sessions with Victoria and I do not think it is any exaggeration to say that the counselling has changed my whole outlook on life. I had been treated for depression for many years and as an ex-psychiatric nurse thought this was obviously causing my unhappiness. However, in a relatively short space of time, and with the help of Victoria's 'tapping' therapy, it became obvious that my interpretation of my mental state was completely wrong. It was a real eye opener to me to discover the true cause and it felt like a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders. She has really helped me and I fully recommend her to anyone else."  P

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