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You might feel a little anxious about talking to a counsellor, you might believe that you ought to be able to deal with your difficulties by yourself.  But you've probably found that turning your worry over and over in your mind, rather than solving anything, is just causing that worry to grow.

You may already have people you can talk to, such as family or friends. But sometimes you need to talk to someone who isn't involved in your life, someone who won't judge you or the situation, but who will listen with empathy and compassion and who has the training and expertise to help you find your way forward.  Click here to find out more about me, my training, qualifications and experience.


I have worked with many hundreds of individuals, with all kinds of complex needs, and I understand well that different people want different things from counselling.  When you come for your FREE 30 minute Introduction Session, we'll talk about what you want, what's been bothering you and what you want to change, and what you're hoping for from the counselling. We'll make an initial treatment plan, so that you know what to expect from our sessions together if you do decide to go ahead. 

10 Signs that it’s Time to Change Your Life


1.   Everything is getting on your nerves

2.   You’re “in your head” more than you are "here now"

3.   You need to drink every night after dinner, before bed

4.   You’re calling in sick because you just can’t face work

5.   You’ve started saying bad things about co-workers

6.   You aren’t happy for your friends’ successes

7.   Your relationships are suffering

8.   You’ve started to lie

9.   You cry more than you should

10. You know there is something better than this feeling


Do you feel stuck in a feeling that you can't get out of?  Or you want to make a change, but you don't know how?  Maybe you know what you need to do, but you keep putting it off?  Or you've made a good start, but now you're self-sabotaging?


You don't need to do it all alone!  


Change is never easy, even when it's really wanted.  You can have great intentions and be properly motivated, but still be resisting the change and you don't know why.  Rather than stay stuck, it makes sense to employ the services of someone with the right knowledge and tools to help free you from whatever has been holding you back.


Free 30 minute Introduction Session  

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