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exercise more, you’ll lose the weight.  It seems obvious, doesn’t it?  But, as anyone who’s ever tried to follow that advice knows, that can’t be the whole story.  It’s just not as simple as that.

Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching


•   End food addiction

•   Eliminate cravings

•   Overcome emotional eating

•   Stop the self-sabotage

•   Lose the weight for good


Mind-Body Slim

Overweight Dieter

You might have spent years feeling miserable about your size and trying to lose weight, but have found yourself in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, working really hard to shed the pounds only to put them all back on again - and then some!  


Or maybe you’re despairing and can't understand why, even though you’ve got the most powerful desire to lose weight, you end up overeating and sabotaging all your efforts.  


What you really want is permanent weight loss and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life feeling deprived on a restrictive diet and having to keep up a punishing exercise regime.  


All the advice you’ve been given is one version or other of the message that if you eat less and

You Think You've Tried Everything...

The mistake most people make is they focus on food and exercise and don’t address the  psychological, biological and emotional causes why they overeat and why they're overweight.


With Mind-Body Slim Weight Loss Coaching, you'll learn about why you can't seem to stick to a diet, continue to self-sabotage and give in to cravings.  (It's not because you're weak-willed, greedy and/or lazy!)

So what’s going wrong?

You'll gain all the tools, help and support you'll need to overcome cravings and emotional eating, overcome your barriers to weight loss, learn about mindful eating, and how you can lose weight without dieting or excessive exercise, and maintain your weight-loss long-term.

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