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Counselling In-Person, Online (Video Call), Phone or Email


You might feel a little anxious about talking to a counsellor, you might believe that you ought to be able to deal with your difficulties by yourself.  But you've probably found that turning your worry over and over in your mind, rather than solving anything, is just causing that worry to grow.


Counselling is an investment in yourself.  It's dedicated time and space for you to unravel your thoughts and understand yourself more deeply, to grieve losses, and to build resilience towards life's challenges.  


You may already have people you can talk to, such as family or friends. But sometimes you need to talk to someone who isn't involved in your life, someone who won't judge you or the situation, but who will listen with empathy and compassion and who has the training and expertise to help you find your way forward.  


My training is extensive and I have years of experience of working with hundreds of clients with all kinds of complex needs.  When you come for your FREE 30 minute Introduction Session, I'll assess your needs and how I can best help you to achieve what you want from the counselling.


90 minute sessions allow more time to explore and resolve your problems and achieve the change you want in fewer sessions.