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Counselling In-Person, Online (Video Call), Phone or Email

Email Counselling

The Benefits of Counselling via Email


  • Available worldwide, 24 hours a day

  • Accessible wherever you are: at home, on the go, at work or housebound

  • You may not have the time to attend therapy sessions via Video-call or Telephone, or you might prefer the flexibility and convenience of Email Counselling, as you can send emails anytime that suits you.

  • No need to book an appointment time

  • You decide where and when you write and how frequently

  • You can choose to be anonymous

  • You have time to consider your situation and put your feelings and thoughts into words.

  • You have time to think about what you want to say and the opportunity to reflect on what you have written before sending.

  • You can express your thoughts as they occur, at any time, rather than waiting for several days until your next session.  

  • Typing out your feelings and offloading the thoughts that are cluttering your mind can be very healing.  

  • I will take the time to read, reflect on and respond to your email with a well-thought-out therapeutic reply.

  • You have access to my written reply, which you can re-read and consider before responding.

  • There is less pressure on you to respond to any question or suggestion than there may be in face to face counselling.

  • Researchers have conducted studies that show that online treatments are just as effective as face to face Counselling

  • Read more about the advantages of Email Counselling here 


My Counselling via Email Service is costed to be affordable, at only £40 per Email Counselling session - one therapeutic response to one email from you (max 1000 words) - compared to £50 for In-Person Counselling, or Counselling via Video or Telephone.  


How many Email Counselling sessions should I book?


According to therapeutic guidelines and good practice, counselling is most beneficial with a minimum of 6 - 15 sessions.  Most new clients follow the suggested minimum amount and initially book 6 Email Counselling sessions, saving £15.


Follow these easy steps to receive Counselling via Email


  • Complete the form below to request Email Counselling and indicate the number of sessions you want to book and how you wish to pay.  Save £15 when you book 6 Email Counselling sessions.


  • Write your email (Max 1000 words) and send to [email protected] to receive a therapeutic response within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.  (*Make sure you check your spam/junk folder for my response!)


  • Pay – I will send you a link to my secure online payment service, or pay by bank transfer.  



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