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Book Shop

I’m often suggesting books to my clients, so I’ve decided to set up this book shop, where I can bring together my most recommended titles, with a few comments from me, for clients and other interested visitors to browse.


This is a new addition to the website and a work in progress.  I’ll be adding more books on a regular basis, to build up the collection.  If you’ve got your own recommendations, I’d love to hear them and to include them here, if I think they’re an appropriate addition.


Click on the categories below that you want to browse.  If you want to buy, just click on the link and you’ll be taken to Amazon to complete your purchase.  Enjoy!  

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Famed for his best selling book "Fat Chance - The Bitter Truth About Sugar", Robert Lustig in this new offering, looks at the science of pleasure versus happiness to explain why, despite having more sources of pleasure than ever before, we are more stressed, isolated, addicted and depressed than ever before.

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